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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Whaff app – Earn real money easily (Unlimited money trick added)

Whaff rewards is really an awesome cash making app. This apps gives similar offers like any other free recharge apps like you have to download, use, maintain the offers app to get rewarded. But this app does not gives you free recharges, instead it gives real money which we can easily get tranferred to Bank account.You can also refer this app to your friends, with referral program you can earn easily 0.30$ per referral.

Unlimited Loot trick added.

real money with whaff
This app shows earnings in dollars, but dont worry you can convert it into INR easily. It provide various Payout methods such as Google play store gift card, facebook gift card,amazon gift card but if you want the money in bank then use Paypal.
whaff app.png

Steps to Redeem :-

1) Download the app for Android from Play store.
2) To get instant 0.30$, signup using our referral code :BN28646 (You must have to use our referral code to get instant 0.30$.)
3) Complete various offer in the app and get rewarded.
>> Refer this app to your friends and earn $0.30 per friend.

How to Earn from app :-

1) Install Reward: Get rewards for download an app.
2) Daily Play: Get rewards for using the app.
3) Daily Reward: Get rewards for maintaining the app on your device.

How to earn unlimited :-

The best thing of this app is that you can transfer your earning into your bank account and You can earn $50 in one week easily i.e. Rs.3150. :D
As you would know that we can login in whaff app only through Facebook. So more the facebook accounts you have, more you can earn.
So first, we have to make many fake fb accounts. Dont worry it only take 2 minutes to make 1 fake acc. We recommend you to use this trick on PC but you can do it on mobile also.

Follow the steps -

– This website provide temporary email id’s.
2. Now you will see your temp mail on the upper left corner – Copy that email.(Keep this tab open)
3. Now go to facebook and click on create an account.
4. Now enter any any fake details and in email id option paste the id which you have copied from temp mail. (Dont enter phone no)
5. Now Click on signup. – Your fake ac is ready.
6. Now again go to temp-mail (tab is already open) and click on refresh option.
7. Now you will see an email from fb to verify your account.
8. Just open the mail and verify your account.
9. You are done.. It will hardly take 2 minutes.
10. Now you can make unlimited fake fb accounts by repeating above steps.
– Make a list of all fake fb accounts.

You can also perform the steps below in bluestacks easily. Click here to know more

11. Now use your mobile.
12. Go to settings >> Applications >> Whaff rewards
13. Click on clear data and again open the app.
14. Now sign in using your fake fb account and enter your refer code.
15. you will get 0.30$ in your real whaff account.
Now repeat step 12,13 and 14 to earn unlimited money.
So if you have created 20 fb accounts in one day than you can earn $6 (Rs.380) in one day. You can earn $50 in one week easily i.e. Rs.3150:D

Loot lo :P

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