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Friday, 7 August 2015

11 Tips and Tricks To Increase Google Adsense earning

11 Tips and Tricks To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense is great revenue earning program from Google which serves contextual ads on your blog or website and if any visitor click on adsense ads then publishers or webmasters get paid for that click and yes it money in your account but this is not the story with most of newbie bloggers as they see very low CPC and CTR which results in low adsense earnings why? because you must be doing certain mistakes which can be avoided to increase your Google Adsense earnings

So If you are servings Google adsense on your blog or website but are frustrated with low CPC and CTR then this post is going to show you best adsense earnings tips and tricks which will increase your adsense income in quickly

How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings Tips

Increase Google Adsense Earnings Tips
How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

1) Keyword Selection- Keyword selection is first and foremost thing you have to consider while increasing your adsense earnings and this might be the first reason that you see low CPC, select high paying keywords to increase your CPC income you can use Google Adwords to find high paying keywords with the help of CPC column which shows up in Google Adword when you search for any keyword select those keywords which relates with your blog post and has maximum CPC

2) Google Search Box- Many bloggers simply ignore to put adsense for search and this simple trick can help to boost your adsense income Imagine your blog with hundreds of blog posts and when visitor want to find some post then he or she can use adsense for search for finding related blog post and what google search box does it places google ads before showing search results ( You can use maximum of 2 adsense search box on single page)

3) Opt For Text and Image Ads- It has been a debate with text and image ads and which one give better CTR and CPC but regardless of what other think what Google suggest is to opt for both text and image ads to increase your adsense income below is short video from google adsense team which stats importance of text and image ads

4) Blocking irrelevant ads-  How many times you have see ads on your blog which is completely irrelevant with your blog post topic and this will greatly impact your adsense earnings because if your blog topic is about "How to lose weight" but Google is serving "How to Gain Weight" then how relevant is it and how can a visitor in world will click on your ads it completely opposite to what you are blogging about To avoid this you can block certain irrelevant ads from displaying on your blog or website for Allow and Block Ads settings in Google adsense and this will boost your CTR and income

5) Revenue Optimization- This tips will make sure that all your pages which serves adsense ads are accessible by crawlers even I was not aware of this but lately when I was checking my adsense earnings I saw error notification with exclamation mark what you can do here is regularly check for this and if you see any error fix it then and there itself

How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings
How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

6) Ads Placements- To earn more from adsense you have to put adsense on most visible areas of your blog and best practice is to place ads above fold which increase the chances of getting more clicks as compared to ads places on less visible position best place to put Google ads is below blog post title, after blog post or between content  and also try to align ads to either left or right wrapping content around them ( remember you can only put maximum of 3 adsense for units blocks on one page) as you can see how I placed my ads below and after my blog post

7) High Performing Ads Sizes- Choose high performing ads units on your blog which will increase your adsense income and Google recommends to display ads of size 336×280 (Large Rectangle), 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper) and 728×90 (LeaderBoard).

8) Blend Ads- Don't make look your adsense ads as ads and one way to do this is to blend with your blog background  and link color for example if you are using blue color for all your links make your adsense links also blue this way your visitors will feel they are part of your content and you can get more click and CTR

9) Use Google Analytics- You must be using Google analytics to check your blog stats but do you know one trick that you can use analytics to increase your adsense earnings as well how? Go to your analytics account and see which blog post is getting more traffic and check whether the ads are optimized and placed in best visible position this will surely increase your CTR and your income as well

10) Increase Traffic- And last but not the least tip is to focus on increasing the traffic to your blog or website because if you have more traffic you will have much more click and more revenue from adsense as simple as that

11) Testing- This is most important trick to increase Google adsense earnings always keep on testing and see if one position doesn't works then you can move your ads to other position remember not all blogs and websites are same in terms of design and layout, some position might work well for some blog but its not necessary that it will work for you as well so keep on testing with adsense placements

So these are 11 best Tips and Tricks on How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings and I am sure if you will follow all the above mentioned tips then surely you can increase your adsense income and if you like this post please share with your friends and do tell me if I have missed out any tricks via comments Thanks and Keep Bloggin
- See more at: http://www.bloggingtipsandtricks.com/2014/05/increase-google-adsense-earnings.html#sthash.IH6Shy0c.dpuf

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