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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Cash Yourself app – another app to earn unlimited real cash

Hi friends, today we are introducing you to an another app to earn unlimited money.
Cash Yourself app offers you the optimal chance to earn money with your smartphone. With watching videos, downloading and run free apps of our offer you are able to get C-Points. This C-Points can be exchanged for our Amazon gift cards, Paypal payouts, Paysafecards and more.
The best thing of this app is that – if you refer this app to your friend then you will earn 10% of your friends earning every time he earns. :D So more the friends you refer more you get.
For example- Your friend used your feature ID (means you referred your friend) then if your friend complete any offer in the app and earned 1000 C-points then you will get 100 c-points for free.
With Cash Yourself you are able to use your freetime in breaks, while waiting for the bus and in every moment you are bored. Because of new offers daily and some bonus C-Points you are able to earn real money whenever you want. In contrast to other suppliers, our payout is relatively height. This is why Cash Yourself gives the users an advantage with regard to quick and easy earnings.
There is no need to signup/login on this app as it uses device id to be set up.

 Steps to Redeem :-

1. Download Cash Yourself app from here. (App size- 3 mb only)
2. Now open the app and click on >>Start now.
3. You will get bonus of 2000 c-points for downloading this app.
4. Click on >> Get daily reward to earn 100 more points.
– Do this step daily to earn 100 points daily.
5. Now click on Profile option on the right corner below.
6. Now you will see – Put the FeatureID of your friend.
Now enter – f8f9fd388346d1d4   there.
(If you don’t enter this feature ID then you will not be able to earn)
7. Now popup will appear >> Success.
You are done now..!!
How you will earn :-
1.Now complete different offers and prefer hot offer first (offers which have fire sign) because those offers gives more points.
2. Earn daily reward for opening this app (100 points)
3. Again click on offer option below and click on Referral program.
There you will see your Feature ID.wpid-screenshot_2015-07-07-19-51-10.png
Share it with your friends and start earning unlimited. Keep this in your mind that when your friend will earn you will also earn. 
You should also see – Whaff app (earn unlimited)

How to convert these points into real cash ?

You can redeem these c-points into your Paypal account when you will reach 12000 points. I think it will not be difficult to earn 12000 points as you will get 10% of you friend’s earning.
12000 points = $1 Paypal
31000 points = $3 Paypal
92000 points = $10 Paypal
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